Flensted Mobile - Futura (rabat)
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Designed by Ole Flensted

Futura is nothing less than the first mobile Ole Flensted designed, back in 1970. Since then it has turned out that the name Futura had something almost prophetic about it.


For Ole’s design debut marked the beginning of a future in Flensted Mobiles that was to see countless other mobiles added.

And Futura itself…?

It brought something modern and abstract into our universe of mobiles, yet at the same time had certain features that could rightly be called ‘classic Flensted’.

For example, the dynamic tension in the juxtaposition of the simple and the elegant. The light-as-a-feather and the heavy.

Is Futura six planets and their moons in constant motion? Or a symbol of the light and dark sides of the human mind?


Mobile information
Mobile no.: 110
Name: Futura
Color: Black
Material: Stainless steel, Wood
Size H x W cm: 35 x 75
Designer: Ole Flensted
Design year: 1970
Type: Box
Dimension L × W × H cm: 505 × 105 × 3 cm
Volume cdm: 1,982
Total gr.: 198